George Lee’s engaging and entertaining style captivates audiences globally. George introduces listeners to critical tips, techniques and skills that foster a stronger foundation of purpose for professional development and diversity inclusion. 



Power is the ability to define the phenomena of our daily lives, and make them act in our desired manner. We feel comfortable when we have control over our lives, but that also limits us. The educational power of discomfort reveals how our comfort zones hinder us from enacting critical change. 

  • Familiarity breeds complacency. The comfort zone is a behavioral state where a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition. This allows us to use a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without having to worry about risk. 
  • Comfort inhibits growth. If there is no change in the ‘anxiety’ or the skills applied, the level of performance will remain constant. Forcing a change in the ‘anxiety’ or the skills applied will lead to a change in performance. 
  • New experiences are uncomfortable. We like being in control, having power. When we are placed in new situations or forced to look at something from a new perspective, we become uncomfortable because the scripts we’ve written for ourselves are no longer effective.
  • Change happens when you are uncomfortable. If we feel in control of our lives, we don’t have a desire to change our experiences. Being uncomfortable makes us critically think about our scripts and understand why we do what we do and re-write our scripts for the future.



Demonstration of transparency in values, beliefs, and actions; integrating values and principles to create a purposeful life and to contribute to the growth of others.


A willingness to minimize yourself in order to maximize the people around you.  The courage to admit you don’t know everything and knowing that what works today may not work tomorrow.


The foundation upon which leaders construct the values of their character and personality.


Being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.  A state or quality of awareness or being aware of one’s own positioning in the world.


Recognizing the significance of thinking and doing with purpose.


The phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed from original ideas.  Valuing people to be different, and challenge them to create something unique in their perspective.



Having grown up in the small town of Bryan, Texas, George’s personal experience with adversity still informs him to this day. Seeing the educational power of discomfort caused George to adopt a strategy which he calls “purposefully provocative” whereby people are placed into unfamiliar positions and situations which fosters critical engagement with different perspectives. People are primed to return to their routines and daily scripts, so being placed in an uncomfortable or new position forces people to think of new strategies and tactics outside of their own familiar experiences. George is a self-described “Edutainer” who seamlessly mixes education and entertainment to be purposefully provocative.

George holds a Bachelors in African & African American Studies, Master’s degrees both Human Relations and Adult Higher Education as well as Graduate Certificates in Women and Gendered Studies along with Human Resource and Diversity Development from the University of Oklahoma. He is currently leading the nationally renowned University of Oklahoma debate team as the Coordinator of Policy Debate while also being a Language Arts Public High School Teacher in Oklahoma City Public School District. In addition to his other positions he holds a professorship in the Social Work Department at the University of Oklahoma. George was celebrated as one of the best “debate-minds” in collegiate debate and was named in the top 20 College Policy Debaters of the past decade. He been featured in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, along with The New York Times and he co-hosts his own original podcast called, “The Chop Up”.

At the heart of George’s drive is the belief that Education is Elevation. Knowing and understanding other perspectives can create more informed decision making which leads to better outcomes for both you and others. Being purposefully provocative lets George educate his audiences through engaging experiences they would never otherwise have. The lynchpin of education is experience so George offers the necessary experiences to cause a shift in both mindset and action.

George strives to empower leaders, youth, and social entrepreneurs in both workspaces and classrooms to grow professionally and personally. Cultivating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for improving human relations and organizational development is important work that George seeks to empower others to achieve. For George, you cannot change that which you do not know needs to be changed so the starting point is “consciousness”. By observing the dynamic ability of individuals and organizations to provoke action in his own life, George has gleaned from the wisdom of effective leaders and translated that learned experience into teachable exercises. George now seeks to share that wisdom with others through his Professional Development and Diversity Inclusion efforts as an experienced public speaker and social media influencer.

George has spent over 10 years being invited to engage in public speaking events for community groups, academic institutions, and corporate organizational leadership seminars. In addition to his time spent leading seminars he also has over 5 years of experience teaching in educational institutions. His audiences and clients for his Professional Development and Diversity Inclusion programs include: Gonzaga University, Morgan State University, the University of Oklahoma, Augsburg College, the University of Texas at Austin, Oklahoma Natural Gas Company and The Heritage Hall College Prep, as well as many small businesses and High Schools nationwide.

George’s social media presence offers him the opportunity to engage hundreds of thousands of people at once with short educational messages that often inspire others to perform more research on their own. George is known to provoke dialogue and conflict that has caused others to rethink their own positions. These social media platforms have been particularly effective for George as his reach grows daily and his work is being shared by large public figures and media enterprises like This Is News, Cardi B, Democracy Now, BET, and Vice.

George Lee has been at the forefront of cultivating collaborative attitudes, encouraging meaningful and positive engagement, and challenging individuals to maximize opportunities. Personally, socially, and professionally he has enjoyed inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves, and he is now available to motivate and challenge your students, employees, and board members to be inspired people who inspire people for change. Education is Elevation and George offers a unique opportunity for dynamic education.